Statement by Onisaburo Deguchi at Yoshioka hot springs

Statement by Onisaburo Deguchi at Yoshioka hot springs
30.Dec.1945 (Sunday) as it appeared in the Osaka Asahi News

The oracle "The fire rain is going to fall" has come true.
Master Onisaburo Deguchi talks about the New Shintoism.

(From Tottori) Onisaburo Deguchi, who is the cofounder of the Oomoto religion, is now staying at Yoshioka hot springs in the suburbs of Tottori city to recuperate from a light neuralgia which he got while in prison.
He had been arrested 8.Dec.1935 (the 10th year of Showa) at the beginning of the suppression of Oomoto. From then, he remained silent for ten years till Sept.8. this year, when he was released. He does not show any decline in spite of his age: he is seventy-five.
What does he think about the cold situation in Japan which lost the war, and about changes in Shintoism, and the freedom of worship?
He talked about this along with memories of his years in prison.
The following is his statement:

I was imprisoned from before the China Incident till the end of the war. About 4000 Oomoto branches all over Japan, from the head office in Ayabe on down, were completely destroyed. But the believers kept following the doctrine. That means that Oomoto has already been rebuilt without doing anything to rebuild.
But, take notice, I do not plan to build such a big worship hall as before.

I have been found innocent now of disturbing the Maintenance of the Public Order Act, but guilty of lese majesty|given a suspended sentence|because of a trifle reason: my Waka song "A holy light is shining as bright and splendid as ever before, but dark clouds are hanging low over Mt. Oouchi." I referred to the tyranny of the Hamaguchi cabinet. But the police regarded it as a disrespectful song. They thought I had intended to instigate the believers by the song and become the emperor. I explained that "black cloud" implies the Hamaguchi cabinet, but they would not listen.

All I want is universal, unified peace. I had predicted years ago several times such a present condition of Japan. Owing to that, Oomoto was suppressed.
The divine oracle "The fire rain is going to fall" came true. And Japan lost the war. From now on, people will change their thought concerning the Shinto religion which had been misinterpreted before. They criticize it as a compulsory religion by the Japanese government. God does not change His real nature, not even under a democratic state.

The reason the Japanese government made mistakes is that they forgot the real existence of God and forced the people to worship a conveniently idolized Shinto. Especially, the fundamental error for the officially recognized shrines was to enshrine not God but mere human beings.
But the Japanese race of Yamato shall never perish. The suffering of Japan because of the defeat starts from now. It will be harder and harder until 1950 (the 25th year of Showa).

Now, the Japanese government has gotten rid of armaments completely. It could mean a holy mission as a precursor of universal peace. But it will not be until there are no armaments in all the world that real universal peace comes. And, that time is coming.

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